We offer the following cGMP compliant services for Drugs and Pharma:

Analytical Method Developments and Validations
  • Stability Storage and Analysis
  • Pharmacopeial Testing
  • Elemental Impurity Analysis by ICPMS( Screening, Validation, Batch Analysis)
  • Raw Materials and Excipients Analysis
  • Comparator Testing (Dissolution Profile)
  • De Formulation Studies (Reverse Engineering)
  • Extractables and Leachables
  • Carryover studies
  • Force Degradation Studies
  • Impurity Isolations and Identification
  • Genotoxic Impurity Studies
  • Drug/Excipient Interaction Studies
  • Physico - Chemical Analytical Studies
  • Ion Chromatography
  • Polymorphism (pXRD)
  • Particle Size Determination (PSD) services
  • Binding Studies
  • NMR Services